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Kimberley Howe's blistering thriller, The Freedom Broker, has already racked up a number of notable fans, including thriller
When my dad was nipping out to the pub, he'd say he was going to see a man about a dog. Four years ago I nipped out to see
So what's the book about? It's based around the idea that phone boxes are essentially small enchanted places where almost anything can happen. You pick up a ringing phone and your life changes. And God help you if you get trapped in one.
As the Thatcher funeral hoopla fades away and the focus shifts to the likely rout of the Con-Dems in the 2 May local elections the political landscape outside the Westminster bubble in the next few months is likely to be further shaped by the deepening impact of the cuts.
So finding the time for a good read to provoke both thought and action is as good a New Year resolution as I can think of. And despite the mind-numbing dullness of the political mainstream in the margins there's thankfully still plenty to savour.
Crime writer Ian Rankin has confirmed Inspector Rebus will return in a new novel out later this year called Standing in Another