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Looks like the new iPads haven't gone down well with everyone - meaning the people who actually invest in Apple.
How much better are this year's iPads that the previous generation? In the case of the Air 2, significantly. It has a much
Apple is also including a 2.2MP front-facing camera that'll shoot single-image HDR photos. The new iPad Air follows last
Apple will unveil its new iPad on Thursday 16 October, just weeks after having unveiled its brand-new iPhone 6. This promises
As one of the tech journalists lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Apple's pre-Christmas line-up, I got to get my hands on a the new iPad mini with Retina display and the new iPad Air, which is due to go on sale on 1 November. Both are lovely, but it's the iPad Air that is grabbing all the headlines, and rightly so.
Apple has refunded Australian iPad 4G owners because the iPad is not compatible with the country's 4G system. Australia's
It's taken just three days for Apple to sell 3 million of its new iPads. The new tablet launched on Friday March 16. "The
As mothers across Britain wake up this morning to bunches of flowers, breakfast in bed and handmade cards, it seems appropriate that one of the biggest news stories of the past week was the sharp increase in the number of women taking up board positions across the UK. I say "sharp increase", in practical terms, the headline-making reality is merely that we are on track to exceed the government's recommendation of 25% of FTSE 100 board positions being filled by women by 2015, hardly a victory for equality, but a step in the right direction if nothing else.
What kind of person chooses to sleep on the street, sometimes for days, just to buy a mass-produced new gadget? Young Apple
There were whoops, applause and wafts of the unwashed as the Apple store on London's Regent Street welcomed patient customers