New Labour

Politician David Lammy's remarks about smacking have brought the debate on child discipline more sharply into focus this week. He was, in part, reacting to a directive enacted by New Labour in 2004 which precluded parents from using a level of force that might incur a 'reddening' on the skin of their progenies
While the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is busy sending in his troops to massacre his own people in the streets and the UN fails to pass any resolution condemning these atrocities, the BBC has decided that of equal news worthiness is a story about another despot, Fidel Castro, publishing his memoirs.
Labour is starting to slip back into the 1990s and even the 1980s in our attitude to business. We need not to, because we are looking increasingly anti-business. And anti-business parties have a nasty habit of losing elections.
Hipster hatred is a bizarre phenomenon. A hipster hater sees an environmentally conscious individual who enjoys fine art
So here's to dangerous thought. Long live divisive political thinking that really attempts to get to grips with the critical issues of the day. And long live Philip Gould: chaotic, brave and positively modern.
Sometimes Philip used to be bracketed with spin-doctors, and criticised as a master of the darker arts of election campaigning. The truth is that he was the exact opposite. If today's politicians, journalists and, er, pollsters wish to pay his life proper tribute, it would be to speak as truthfully and candidly as he always did.
The Scottish Conservatives thought they hit rock bottom in 1997 when they lost every one of their seats in parliament. Since
Arguably, Blair's part time job as Quartet special envoy says as much about his capacity to rebound as it does about Washington's disrespect for the Arabs; about a humiliated and divided Middle East, or about the nature of the 'peace process' itself.
"How were we so blind?", Britain asks itself, "the signs must have been there all along", before remembering that, "they seemed so happy together." Well, Britain, I got news for you. Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling aren't the first 'happy' couple to have found themselves at one another's throats.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Former Labour cabinet minister Lord Mandelson is reported to have made an offer to buy an £8 million