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What's the most expensive computer you have ever purchased? No, it wasn't that tricked out Macbook Pro from a few years ago that set you back over £2k. It was your car.
Many felt the financial crisis of 2008 would bring a final death to mainstream news enterprises in developed media markets. They feared this would leave citizens in the hands of "pajama"-clad bloggers. "The Internet" was a threat to accountability journalism and its outcomes, which so many of us valued as integral to democracy. Except the story didn't play out that way.
"We live in a Post-post-Leveson world," he muses, cupping his b*lls. "People expect their journalism to be fresh, healthy, handmade now. We sell ours at journalism markets - truly horrifying f**kfests which take place in Stoke Newington school playgrounds and attract the very worst kind of smug pram-pushing broadsheet reader."
Seven big media hitters give their personal take on the highs and lows of 2011 in broadcasting, publishing, PR and the online world.
The tectonic plates in the world of media have shifted significantly since I learnt the trade. Phones with cameras means we hear a lot about 'citizen journalism', with much of the footage shown on breaking stories coming from YouTube.
Creative people. You know them. They sit around in warehouse conversions writing things or editing videos in the middle of the night. Or they slouch around in cafes, talking... wearing a fez.
Take the recent news of Steve Jobs' death; how many of the obituaries were an homage and how many were simply for hits? By removing the immediacy of the internet Carr hopes to retain editorial integrity, they'll only write about the things that they deem important, and they'll write about them in the style that they want to.
I urge you to have a moment's pause before pressing your retweet button. It only takes a second or two to check a proper news source. Twitter is quick, but not much faster than online news teams who get accurate information out as soon as it's possible.
It's not politicians that are the main enemy of Murdoch and the media monopolists. Cultural currents created by the advent of social media and the internet age are battering the aged shores of these crumbling institutions.
1. Selective Sharing The fatal flaw of other social networks is their lack of a filter, and this is something that Google