New Music

Whether it's as a result of New Music Fridays, or a more general response to the way music consumption has changed in the digital era, the industry is getting more sophisticated about how to manage single and album releases.
Image credit: Devise Inspire If you aren't already familiar with London based poet and spoken word artist Hussain Manawer
Belly of Paris may well be the ultimate international collective. Based in Bahrain and bringing together musicians from India
I love lots of different kinds of music and I especially like hearing new music from singer song writers, whether they be
Bonus Track - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) - Pete Burns And there you have it. If you're still reading, I would also
Soulful, contemporary pop with a folky edge and a bit of piano led gospel thrown in for good measure perfectly describes
I recently heard some great new music from Angry Baby Music and I wanted to share the review here with you. Being a fearless
Question for you - do you like great new music with a distinctive sound? Of course you do! Well, I recently heard a new singer
If you have no idea who I'm talking about and have some doubt in my hype, on Spotify Halsey has 86 million plays on the single which she is currently bringing to UK radio. So get a grip on the reality of how the music industry works now and get involved.
I suspect Bear & The Woods often get compared to Mumford & Sons or other folk tinged bands and I can see why. It's an easy (and boring) comparison to make and one that I think is particularly lazy. While the two bands may share the same love of melody, that's where any comparison should end.