New Years Eve

When midnight strikes on New Year’s Eve and the champagne is uncorked, you might want to take cover as you might get more
Revellers looking to buy cheap alcohol to see in the New Year have been warned about the dangers of counterfeit vodka. Council
Quick poll! On 31 December, are you: a) heading to a friend's house party, b) driving to a sodding cottage in the middle of nowhere or, c) being paid a million dollars to sing at some hotel in Vegas? If you answered (c), congratulations, you are Stevie Wonder!
More people are planning a big night in than the traditional big night out this New Year's Eve, with many revellers staying
Three-quarters of Britons will mime or make up the words to Auld Lang Syne on New Year's Eve, according to a poll. Research
When the only reminders of last night's thumping beats and flowing champagne are a pounding head and fizzing stomach, drastic
As surely as the modern Christmas pop canon contains Driving Home For Christmas, Stop The Cavalry and a drunk couple arguing in a bar - or as it's also known - Fairytale of New York - so there is a canon of pop songs, albeit a far smaller one, celebrating the arrival of a new year.
For some, New Year's Eve is the worst night of the year. Heaven knows, it was the worst romantic comedy of the year. But
Let's try this 31 Dec to affirm the New Year, not through wild unrealistic plans but through simple dreams. Let's avoid bringing in the negative baggage of 2011. And if the year 2012 is the end of the world let's make it a truly brilliant one.
This may seem like an old style film review and perhaps not something that I'm accustomed to writing, but frankly if Hollywood are going to make me sit through a film that is just an advert for the pretty people they could afford to get in one place, then why should I dissect it in any great detail.