New York City

Meghan Markle has visited New York City to visit friends and for a reported baby shower. The Duchess of Sussex wore all black and sunglasses as she travelled around the city. It was the first time she had been back in the US since marrying Prince Harry last year. Their baby is due sometime in Spring.
An explosion at an electric power station in the New York City borough of Queens caused the sky to illuminate bright blue. While people wondered if aliens were arriving, the police department advised people to avoid the area around the power plant. It was the second major incident in the last six months, after a steam pipe explosion in July.
To park your cart outside the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, you will pay R1.7-million for a licence, according to Viewing NYC. That price has reportedly once topped R4.5-million...
'The best way to end a performance is to go out with a bang ― and bang I did,' said the queen in our post-finale interview.
Authorities in New York have been investigating the disgraced producer
Authorities in New York have been investigating the former producer for alleged sexual abuse and harassment.
A New York lawyer telling Spanish speakers to "speak English" was recorded and has gone viral.
“I still go to Taco Bell / drive through, raw as Hell / I don’t care, I’m still real,” Fergie, perhaps the most overlooked lyricist of our time, sings in her song “Glamorous.”
No one has ever been happier to take the subway — in an all-white suit.
The illustrated profiles of men and women who've experienced homelessness in New York in this series are moving – and gorgeous.