New York Jets

Here’s a list of players and teams who demonstrated during Sunday’s games.
The Miami Dolphins played the New York Jets at Wembley this Sunday. Far from the best matchup in the NFL's International Series so far, the Dolphins looked toothless for the duration, despite the Jets' best efforts to give away the game in the closing minutes. Both teams now head back across the Atlantic for a well-earned week off. In the mean time, here's what we learned from the game.
Umenyiora played 12 years with the Giants and Falcons, recording 85 sacks One of the not so wonderful things about the league
A Buffalo Bills fan injured a fellow supporter when he fell from Buffalo Bills' stadium during a football game. The fan fell
The New York Jets and the New England Patriots' rivalry turned violent off the field when a male Jets supporter punched a
As America gears up for Super Bowl XLVI, Bill Belichick remains studiously calm. The head coach of the New England Patriots, who face their old rivals the New York Giants on Sunday, seems unperturbed by the angst that is gnawing away at the fans.