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Why is the Apple watch a rectangle? Because “a circle doesn’t make any sense”. That’s the verdict of Apple design chief Jony
Three years ago, a group of school-children scrawled political graffiti on a wall in the remote Syrian town of Daraa. Their subsequent arrest and torture was the spark that ignited the civil war now ravaging Syria and devastating the lives of so many of its 22 million people. This civil war is now thought to have spawned the world's worst humanitarian crisis.
One only needs to look around the world at the terrible situation for many girls and women to realise that feminism is still necessary and vital. But even once females have better living conditions and more rights, feminism still has a role to play as women try to shape careers. Several recent news stories have made it clear that women are way behind when it comes to careers in the arts.
Two contrasting descriptions of songwriting / recording processes are doing the rounds this week (in very different musical circles), so I thought I'd post them both:
For the last few weeks I've been on a thriller chase, so to speak, so this week's book, The Uncoupling by New Yorker Meg Wolitzer, is a welcome break, kind of like a soy frap = fluffy, light, and curious.
Gathering the who's of American letters, commentary and screens, last weekend's New Yorker Festival offered a blend of hot air, laughter and stardust.