newbuy scheme

Aspiring to own is as much a part of our national DNA as tea, obsessing about the weather or losing on penalties. It's ingrained in our cultural psyche as a right rather than a hope but, with such a massive portion of the population renting and ownership in decline, isn't it time we learned to think differently?
One of the key areas of concern with Help to Buy is the second home option. This is obviously aimed at people who do not need help to get on the ladder and encourages the greed culture of owning multiple properties which could be a pitfall in the recovery of the property market. The recession should have taught people that a house is a home first and foremost- unfortunately this scheme has the potential to produce collective amnesia.
As Gordon Brown never tired of claiming, this financial crisis began in the US housing market. So-called NINJAs loans were lent to US borrowers with no income, no job and no assets and formed the crux of a sub-prime crisis that floored the world economy.
A NewBuy Guarantee scheme designed to help home buyers shut out of the housing market is to be launched on Monday. The scheme