Therapists reveal the arguments newlyweds often get into.
If you’re not married yet but plan to be, perhaps you’re wondering what it’s really like to be a husband or wife. What does a day in the life of a married person actually look like?
Image courtesy of Pixabay Make him lots of tea and coffee A happy husband is one with a hot cup of tea in his hands! Ask
A photographer who spontaneously captured a stunning shot of two newlyweds kissing in front of Tower Bridge, has managed
A couple from Eastbourne, East Sussex are set to break a world record when they tie the knot this summer. After 27 years
Sunday will be my first wedding anniversary, and it feels like just yesterday I was a major ball of stress, preparing for the happiest day of my life. While I'm definitely not quite yet the authority on marriage (I'll get back to you in 50 years), I have learned a few things during the last year of being a married woman. Here are the top five.
I know, I know what you're all thinking...what could you have possibly learned? It's only been five months! I'm not supposed to be "learning" anything, right? I'm supposed to be floating on a cloud of wedded bliss, feeding the hubs chocolate covered strawberries and taking long walks on the beach.
Once upon a time (well, when more of us were virgins on our wedding night) first night sex was a huge deal, with a great