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Corbyn calls PM's response to severe flooding in Yorkshire and East Midlands "woeful".
Britain's ambassador to the United States described President Donald Trump's administration as "dysfunctional", "clumsy" and "inept". An unprecedented leak of recent official diplomatic cables, reported by the Mail on Sunday, revealed Sir Kim’s frank views on the US leader. The publication of the emails also prompted a direct response from Trump himself, who said Darroch, "did not serve the UK well."
Cyril Ramaphosa joins a long list of presidents taking a cut in salary...
“The networks undercovered or ignored the ways that climate change had real-life impacts on people.”
The FCC ignored 18 state attorneys general who asked that the vote be delayed for an investigation into the "corrupted" public comment process.
They’re the women who launched a movement against sexual harassment.
This year of activation around women’s rights was reflected not only in our national politics and media, but in our social media feeds.
The five things you need to know about politics today.
1. GREEN FINGERED Exactly two years ago today, when Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership was in its infancy, one Labour MP summed up