news fails

It'll be alright on the night... as long as it's not election night. Handface and David Schneider round up some of the funniest
Taylor Swift's feminist credentials just went up a notch. Because when this 'Entertainment Tonight' interviewer posed possibly
Ah, Fox News. You do make it easy for us to laugh at you, you know. Yes, the channel's latest gaffe - in which commentator
It's News Be Funny's latest monthly compilation - which kicks off with Martine Croxall’s chair, includes some of the CNN
Good ol' Martine Croxall. The BBC News presenter was about to begin the channel's 9pm broadcast when it became clear she
It's hard enough reporting live news. But reporting live news in adverse conditions? Even harder. Of course, when we say
We don't normally say this about a Fox News presenter, but: poor old Megyn Kelly. At least Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas
From strange goings-on in the background to, well, strange goings-on in the foreground, NewsBeFunny does what it says on
They say you should never work with children or animals. Perhaps they should add 'weather presenters' to that list. Because
A man. A pier. A smart phone. And a desire to take a selfie. What could possibly go wrong? SEE ALSO: Diva Kid Steals The