News of the World hacking scandal

What an unusual three months we have ahead as seven former News of the World employees, including two former editors, both
“Everyone knew the paper was in a bit of trouble, but I never thought it was under threat,” says 24-year-old Talal Musa, formerly
Rebekah Brooks's phone was hacked twice a week by colleagues at the News of the World while she was editing The Sun, the
Wouldn't it be great if we could have leaders who aren't just brilliant at what they do but who also have intrinsic values and are authentic to their very core? Leaders who don't just talk the talk but actually walk the walk.
NEW YORK -- On the afternoon of July 15, Rupert Murdoch did something unusual in his legendary, six-decade career as one
The least I can do for an old mucker in trouble is proffer a little free curbside advice. What David Cameron needs right now is some crisis management.
The damage to Rupert Murdoch's multi-billion-dollar global media empire has already become much more extensive than most would have imagined only a week ago and this damage will most likely extend to the rest of the news industry.
With his newspapers under growing scrutiny, financial and media analysts are speculating about whether Murdoch might be compelled to cut them loose in order to protect his other, more lucrative interests such as Fox Television and 20th Century Fox.
News of the World may have hacked people's voicemail, but its real crime was the elevation of tawdry gossip to the status of news and the radical simplification of real news to the level of gossip.
What's the future of journalism given the hacking scandal, and the rise and rise of blogs? Omar Shahid and Rizwan Syed find