Foreign takeovers may need to be assessed. But so too do takeovers by British companies. All takeovers should be examined, from many different angles.
A former Scottish Liberal Democrat leader has criticised Nick Clegg in the aftermath of heavy losses at the local government
Max Mosley has won his case after a French court ruled the News of the World violated privacy laws by publishing pictures
A third of shareholders at News Corporation, News International's parent company, have lodged a protest vote against the
I worked for News Corporation for about two and a half years, until the end of 2009. At first I gloried in the title of Vice
This week I appeared before a committee of strangers who wanted to ask me a lot of questions about...I really can't remember right now but I expect it must have been important. I brought a team of characters to sit behind me to scowl at my inquisitors and look at their expensive watches a lot when I was getting into trouble, or it was time for lunch. I ordered the foam pie, which was surprisingly good, if not delivered in quite the way that befits a respected, top-notch catering company.
Ten million people are dying of starvation in The Horn of Africa, but you didn't read about that in the papers on Sunday because all of the journalists in the land were clutching their winkies and running about in a frenzied tizzy because one of their own had been hit. The News of the World has drawn its last breath and the temporary demise, before its resurrection under another name, of the Newscorpse muckraker on Sunday trumped all other stories.
Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation has actually made money on income tax, according to a fascinating article by Reuters columnist