Most British voters watching the evening news last night will have breathed a sigh of relief. And their politicians will have too.
Being repeatedly branded as “that idiot in Brussels” by a fellow panellist is probably more than enough of a reason to walk
At a time of intensifying controversy over the UK aid budget - increasing while almost everything else is cut - it is a provocative notion that Britain should use aid to reward and punish foreign governments for their record on 'governance' rather than for helping the poor out of poverty.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The BBC has defended a Newsnight debate which prompted almost 700 complaints about historian David Starkey's
Beyond the obvious, there was something deeply troubling about David Starkey's appearance on Newsnight on Friday.
David Starkey's controversial Newsnight appearance where he said white people had "become black" and that Enoch Powell was
"Historian David Starkey has told BBC's Newsnight ''the whites have become black'' in a discussion on the England riots with
Caitlin Moran is really difficult to interview. Her mind is racing. She wants to talk about everything. One minute it's Radiohead
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Newsnight is a daily BBC Television current affairs programme which specialises in analysis and often robust cross-examination of senior politicians. Jeremy Paxman was its main presenter for over two decades and the show is now hosted by Evan Davis, Emily Maitlis and Kirsty Wark