BBC Newsround is axing its 5pm bulletin after nearly 50 years on air as younger viewers increasingly rely on digital services - so what's next for children's news?
The BBC programme celebrates its 60th birthday later this year.
The Totally Senseless Gameshow... Get a couple of celebs and make them do things in front of people: Nothing original about that idea because it happens all the time. But I have a condition called cerebral palsy which means I use a wheelchair to get about. What better way to bring people into my world, than to let them experience it for themselves?
It was critical in providing not only an interest in current affairs and politics but also a confidence. I was fortunate that we also talked about politics at home. But without a different source of information that Newsround provided, I would not have been able to engage properly in a discussion and, very occasionally, disagree or put an alternative point of view forward.