nexus 4

Google has made its already very-good Nexus 4 smartphone even more attractive, by cutting the price to just £159 off-contract
Why has it been so difficult to buy a Nexus 4? Because demand was ten times higher than expected. That's according to the
The LG Google Nexus 4 shouldn't be this great. For one thing, it's a cheap piece of kit. You can pick up an unlocked Nexus
Relax, wherever you are driving this Christmas. The Huffington Post UK has joined up with CoPilot Live sat-nav to give away
The new Nexus 4 by Google and LG has already won praise for its fast processor and bafflingly low price tag. Yes, it's missing
Google's new line-up of flagship Nexus phones has sold out within less than an hour of going on sale. The LG-built Nexus