⚽⚽⚽ 'The ad was actually not targeted specifically at Neymar. It was making fun of this behaviour in general.'
Neymar is presented with the challenge of creating history where there isn't much. At Barça, he would have remained just another face in the crowd, the latest on a long list of legends. No, PSG is the real challenge. PSG will give him the platform he needs, and the money is almost irrelevant.
Paris Saint Germain paid a staggering £197m (R3.5bn) for Neymar.
Did Limerick FC just make the transfer of the century and sign NEYMAR? The answer is obviously no. Neymar left, Barry Cotter
The weight of doom England fans carried when gearing up for the World Cup was heavy and the media wrote about nothing more than the impending disappointment we are so used to facing. So this time it's easier and a hell of a lot less painful - we're not even there! Perhaps now we can enjoy the football.
For a generation who grew up on Brazilian dominance, watching them reach the final in three consecutive World Cups between 1994 and 2002, the current absence of talent is jarring. Every country goes through troughs in performance to balance out the peaks, but Brazil's has been going on for an uncomfortably long time now.
Barcelona's Neymar Jr. is at the centre of a headbutt storm after a 20th minute incident during Sunday's La Liga fixture
Four goals for Brazil at the 2014 World Cup convinced the world that Neymar can carry the goalscoring burden for his country and it's evident that his absence in the eventual 7-1 defeat to Germany affected his teammates. The pressure that comes with shouldering such a responsibility is enough to see any player crumble, but Neymar did so effortlessly...
Neymar scored all of Brazil's goals as they thrashed Japan 4-0 in Tokyo on Tuesday afternoon. The 22-year-old has now hit
For a player to create a lasting legacy they must look beyond the quick buck and and build something that can bring about real change for the long term. With the growing power of sport and celebrity we will be hoping that the amazing endings are not solely for comic books.
The headlines during the build-up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup were dominated by the number of absent high profile stars, those failing to recover from injury in-time to compete in what many consider to be the pinnacle of their playing career.
Brazil won't be rushing to become hosts of another World Cup. Sixty-four years on from their traumatic de facto final defeat
With a daunting encounter with Germany looming, Brazil enter the fixture without Neymar due to his injury, while captain Silva will also miss out due to suspension... "We have lost the one player we did not want to lose"
Paul the Octopus predicted World Cup results, whereas The Simpsons predicted Neymar's injury. Homer Referees 2014 World Cup
Neymar's World Cup is over after he sustained a fractured vertebra towards the end of Brazil's quarter-final victory against
Brazil reached the semi-finals of the World Cup for the first time in 12 years following a 2-1 win against Colombia. But
This is the World Cup moment that Bruna Marquezine probably wants to forget after one Brazil fan decided a crowded stadium
For a World Cup to exist in the memory long after the event and maybe even get a slot in a future BBC3 nostalgia show hosted by Olly Murs... it'll be those other moments which define its status as a great tournament.
After 48 matches the World Cup group stage is over and on the first day of the finals when there is no football to sate your
Brazil players delivered another stirring rendition of the national anthem prior to their second World Cup Group A match