BeatWoven is a textile brand creating digitally generated woven fabric from sound. The live recording of Beatie singing Take Me Home with the ambient sound of her audience at David's flat at 34 Montagu Square is currently being woven into a fabric to be crafted into a gown by David Mason and launched at DLD (Digital-Life-Design) conference in January.
Apple will reportedly launch the iPhone 6 with NFC, making it the first Apple product to include the wireless technology
The Samsung Level Over headphones are available now for £299.99 from Samsung and Amazon. Key Features: - Noise Canceling
Motorola may have one of the best-looking smart watches in its portfolio but that hasn't stopped the company from making
ransport for London is looking to introduce contactless mobile phone payments on the Tube. EE and Vodafone are among the
Unfortunately, this future has failed to materialise. When I'm commuting home tonight, I'll pass by more than a handful of retailers. And, to the best of my knowledge, only one of them, a purveyor of ready-to-eat sarnies, accepts contactless cards.
The landscape for marketing and advertising is changing. Long gone are the days in which an attractive woman displays her million-dollar smile from an enlarged billboard whilst showcasing the latest high street fashion items.
Technology which will allow consumers to make payments using their mobile phones is to be developed by the company behind
Banner advertising is a great way to get your business's name out there and literally get it where everyone can see. Companies
Text giving has a bright future, but it is not the only option. Increasing smartphone penetration will enable the creation of further data solutions. What these are is not yet clear and the full opportunity for mobile and digital solutions in giving needs to be assessed.
NFC - near-field communications, or 'that thing where you tap a phone to a thing and it does a thing' - was out in force
With so many players racing to develop an offering that meets the demand for mobile payments, there is no doubt that cash is on its way out - but this will be a long process. The payments industry is set to experience a great deal of disruptive changes.
Owe your mate a few quid? There's no excuse not to pay up now. O2 Wallet allows you to send up to £500 to any UK mobile phone
Millions of Barclaycard Visa credit card customers will be able to make "contactless" payments using a sticker attached to
Plans for a new payment system allowing people to use their mobile phone as a "digital wallet" were outlined today. Those
As 2011 figures are revealed, many brands are re-evaluating their 2012 spend. In light of this, here are my predictions on what will be the big things brands will be devoting their time and budget to and how brands can act to stay ahead of the game.
The year just gone has certainly not been a boring one in the payments industry. Some of the most notable developments include
With the New Year finally upon us it is natural for people to try and come up with predictions for the next 12 months. The
Nowhere are changes and advances more obvious than in travel. From the arrival of air-travel to the advent of eco-tourism, each new transformation seems to shift the way we look at - and conduct - travel. So, looking forward to 2020, how will transformative technologies change our travel experiences over the next decade and beyond?