NHS Bursary

The uncertainty created by Brexit means that the reliance in recent years on recruitment from the EU is no longer available to shore up the numbers. Our NHS staff cannot keep giving more at the same time that we are giving them less, the Government needs to reinstate bursaries and end pay restraint - we cannot afford not to.
On the last day before the summer recess, buried in a deluge of government announcements, today Jeremy Hunt has snuck out an announcement that the NHS bursary will be scrapped for students seeking to begin study in 2017/18. This is a complete disgrace and shows that the cynical and underhand tactics used under the last Prime Minister will continue under Theresa May.
Mr Cameron and Mr Hunt - maybe it's time you took responsibility for this horrific mess. Turn to the NHS staff. Turn to the patients and relatives. Apologise, say you got it wrong and let's fix the most important thing this country has. You forget when the NHS is broken, it isn't just about headlines and careers, it's about lives. People are dying because of you. Time to stand up and face the music.
The Scottish Government has made a commitment to maintain the NHS Bursary meaning that people who study in Scotland will not be affected by this cut as the change is based on your location of study. However we can't turn our back on NHS England and must lend them our support at this critical time.
Time is running short for the health service. So take it from an expat who has spent half her life over there, and the other half over here. Don't accept the Americanisation of your NHS, your greatest achievement. Don't eat the fries.