NHS funding

Think tank claims PM has not been 'entirely straight' with the public.
The Prime Minister’s claim that the NHS can expect a year-by-year increase in funding of 3.4% paid for – in part – by a Brexit dividend, is rightly deserving of ridicule. But, I can’t help but feel that it has also been successful in drawing attention away from the wider issue
Theresa May has promised a £20 billion budget boost for the health service.
In this 70th year of our health service, Jeremy Hunt has a chance to reset the trajectory of the last eight years
As we leave the EU and design a new immigration system, we must ensure we do not leave the NHS, or its patients, short-staffed
Labour will commit to over £30billion in extra funding over the next Parliament
Labour says government's approach to health is 'failing'.
Jeremy Hunt's actions on delayed discharges have sent a clear message: that this Government is only interested in social care insofar as it helps relieve pressure on the NHS. It is time that Jeremy Hunt finally woke up to the deepening crisis in care created on his watch and argued for the extra funding needed to stabilise the care sector and fund a decent living wage for care staff.
We now have a shortage of GPs which means that while I am treating the person in front of me there are not enough colleagues to start seeing the steady tide of other people filling up the waiting room in my surgery. Services that I want to refer a patient to, like hospitals, mental health services or community nursing colleagues, are overstretched and oversubscribed, meaning that the patient may not get the level of care they deserve.