The singer said during this year's awards show: "It’s all very good to clap for [NHS staff] but we need to pay them."
"We all support a fair pay rise for our front line," the Don't Start Now singer said.
Communities without neighbours, generations never born, relationships torn apart – this could be the real cost of a "points-based system".
I’m not denying that the NHS and key workers deserve our support in the pandemic – but LGBT people like me wish the public had chosen another symbol, writes Rachel Charlton-Dailey.
A survey by the Royal College of Nursing also revealed 1 in 18 agency nursing staff have not even been offered a single dose.
A reluctance to say no to overtime, crowded housing, and overrepresentation on the front line have left thousands at risk.
Battling, then having – Covid in a foreign country was frightening. But you know what was even worse? Being constantly let down by the institution I worked for.
The app behind Test and Trace is getting a makeover ahead of pubs, gyms, salons and shops reopening.
We can’t summon surgeons and anaesthetists from thin air to fix the backlog. This might take years to solve, writes former surgeon Kevin Lafferty.
Exclusive: Government under fire as it is revealed only three of the hospitals ever treated Covid patients.