In terms of British standing in the world if we had opted to neglect our obligation and take a route of not just neutrality but isolation I would argue that would be just as damaging if not more so than the tragic blood bath that we saw take place over the fields of France in World War One.
Here are the five things you need to know on Friday 31 January 2014... 1) DAVE BLINKS Yesterday, Dave Cameron looked his
Last week I sat in a restaurant in the Chinese city of Chongqing and was transported all the way back to the year 1958. The walls of the Red Flag Commune Canteen were covered with propaganda posters from the era of the Great Leap Forward. Mao Zedong, wearing a peasant's broad straw hat, smiled benevolently amid tall ears of wheat in one poster. In another the Great Helmsman waved his right hand before an image of a glorious red sun...
Niall Ferguson has apologised "unreservedly" for saying John Maynard Keynes didn't care about future generations because
Obama's regime saved Detroit, got the health insurance bill through despite hostility, saved the banks, successfully withdrew troops from Iraq, and got US image beginning to shine once more across the world.
Perhaps the real problem we face is not caused by the decline or failure of institutions over the last 20 years, it is caused by the rise over the same period of an ideology that declares, on the basis of very little evidence, that unfettered competition, within globalised 'free' markets is the answer.
"The deepest, the only theme of human history," wrote Goethe in Israel in the Desert, "is the conflict of scepticism with
The former Labour spinners turned commentators are emboldened, having glimpsed a false dawn in Tom Harris, stalking horse