Nicholas McDonald

'The X Factor' has lowered its age boundaries, allowing contestants as young as 14 to audition for the first time since 2008
Sam Bailey may have won the 'X Factor' but runner-up Nicholas McDonald has also now reportedly landed a record deal with
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Sam Bailey and Louis Walsh Nicholas later said he was "disappointed" with his
'X Factor' runner-up Nicholas McDonald has hit out judges Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow, after losing out to Sam Bailey in
Well done Sam, consistently the best contestant on this years show. A very worthy winner, also, best of luck to a great runner up Nicholas McDonald.
"Up on your feet, you can't sit down if anyone is performing," instructed the bossy compere. "Try not to sit there taking pictures all night, it just looks stupid," he added. Within minutes of arriving at my seat in Wembley Arena I realised it was time to give up my autonomy and learn the instructed dance moves. Here are five more things I learned from being in the audience...
Sam Bailey and Nicholas McDonald will battle it out to be crowned this year's X Factor winner after Luke Friend crashed out
X Factor finalist Sam Bailey from Leicestershire said her mind was "boggled" with learning all her songs for tonight's episode
This year's 'X Factor' winner will not only bag themselves a recording contract but will also get to perform in front of
Not only is the 'X Factor' final nearly upon us, but so is Christmas - so to get us in the mood for both of these big occasions
Christmas is just around the corner and so too is the X Factor Final. But first, as the tension grows, (in my best Peter Dickson voice) it's the Semi Final.
'X Factor ' finalists Sam Bailey, Luke Friend and Nicholas McDonald's final songs have been revealed. The three remaining
Pressure ramped up ahead of next week's X Factor final - with the emotion getting the better of one of the show's youngest
Joe McElderry will be back on 'The X Factor' this weekend, as the 2009 winner returns to coach Nicholas McDonald. The Geordie
'X Factor' contestant Nicholas McDonald has revealed his struggle with a rare heart condition. The 16-year-old singer opened
So on to the Arena and welcome back to Souli Roots. Just get on with it woman. Less shouting and less of the drum please