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A Tory minister has warned the party must not swing to the right after last week's by-election drubbing amid claims most
The UK is facing an increasing housing shortage, and one which needs to be urgently addressed.
People opposed to onshore wind farms should not have their views "ridden over roughshod", the planning minister has told
Britain has no difficulty building great and beautiful things: castles, gardens, theatres, orchestras, the National Health Service, the BBC. Why do we have such difficulty protecting them? In our protest against McDonald's, our greatest hope that it is the threat to the traffic that will persuade local authorities.
Town hall planners will work to block Government plans to temporarily relax rules on building extensions to homes, the Local
After the celebrations of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee and now looking forward to the London Olympics the coalition is heading into more turbulent political waters due to the on-going Eurozone crisis.
On Wednesday, George Osborne grew in stature as a Tory Chancellor. The Budget was the most definitive account of the government's plan for growth. Yet it was mainly framed as a tax reform budget, and it is by this standard it should be judged. Nick Boles MP offered a fatuous and increasingly irascible
Ed Balls is right - the Conservative party have an "insufficient" growth policy, according to top Tory activist Tim Montgomerie