nick clegg speech

Nick Clegg faces a virtual mission impossible in this general election campaign - but if anything can save him and his party from electoral oblivion, it's his eyebrows. That's right. His eyebrows. They're the key to understanding why, despite being a figure of derision, the deputy prime minister's communication skills remain some of the most polished out there.
MPs from Ukip and the SNP were described as a "rag tag mob" on Sunday as Nick Clegg warned against giving either the Scottish
Nick Clegg perilously close to losing his parliamentary seat as a new poll indicates that he enjoys a poll lead of just 3
Nick Clegg's bid to woo voters with a distinct Liberal Democrat vision has been awkwardly undermined by a poll suggesting
Others went straight for the jugular, casting Clegg in one of Jim Carrey's classic roles. After suffering years of coalition
Nick Clegg has promised that the Liberal Democrats will aim to stay in the political centre-ground, avoiding the Tory strategy
The Liberal Democrats will commit to "significantly" reducing the national debt as a percentage of GDP every year from 2018
Nick Clegg has lashed out at Tory ministers for being "too preoccupied" with the rich and accused chancellor George Osborne
Ukip leader Nigel Farage and others "hell bent on pulling the UK out" of the European Union would cause "enormous damage
Nick Clegg may have to face down a grassroots Liberal Democrat rebellion over plans to double how long migrants from EU countries