nick cohen

Jeremy Corbyn appeals to Labour members who want a party of protest, rather than one that can get power. This is about ideologically beating the rest of the left, not winning over the electorate.
Journalist Johann Hari has apologised to two other reporters for making "cowardly" anonymous online attacks against them
he press will always be vitally important in PR, but they're just not as important as the public. And today, if PR clients want to reach the public they don't necessarily need to go through a journalist to do it.
Communications is a broad church these days, but media relations will always be part of the mix. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be a battle and, quite frankly, it shouldn't be. Both Peston and Cohen suggest that they see PRs as guard dogs, preventing them access to spokespeople and stories. In my opinion, if we are doing that it's bad media relations.
One question that has consistently been ducked by the warmongering interventionists, who range from encouraging arms sales to jihadis to openly calling for the abandonment of all negotiations, is this: Can we trust David Cameron when it comes to foreign policy?
The Conservative party looks ready to split. The modernising 'Cameroons' and Europhiles have been drifting apart from the Europhobic and traditionalist right of the party for some time. This backbench rump has now earned itself a name: 'Swivel-eyed loons'.