Nick Griffin

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has narrowly avoided being struck with a Vegemite sandwich. The 51-year-old was targeted
BNP supporters have been told to breed more to increase the number of white people living in Britain. After the party lost
The British National Party has lost its final county council seat, leaving Nick Griffin's party on just two councillors in
The British National Party says it does not know whether it has banked £200,000 after being bequeathed a flat by a supporter
If things are bad now, then I expected it to get even worse for the BNP over the next couple of years. Ukip are likely to make significant gains in these elections, certainly in votes if not seats, and solidify themselves as the main beneficiaries for the anti-immigrant and anti-establishment vote.
The British National Party will field their lowest number of candidates for over a decade in local elections across England
I have been in many masjids around the country, in some of them very little other than prayer goes on. In many there is an attached community centre with community projects. I wonder how many mosque-haters have been inside a mosque?
Talking tough on immigration is the new craze sweeping Westminster, as fear of Nigel 'The Romanians Are Coming' Farage infects
Anti-BNP campaigners say the party is still a long way from being a credible force in spite of a record £200,000 donation
In 2014 Nick Griffin MEP is due for re-election to the European Parliament. Shamefully I'm one of the people who helped him get elected in the first place.