Nick Griffin

On some level, you have to feel sorry for Chris Huhne.
British National Party leader Nick Griffin once fed his family with a roadkill rabbit, he told supporters, as he urged them
The ultra-nationalists parties at the European Parliament, including the British National Party, could be barred from receiving
Students at Oxford University's debating union have got their knickers in a twist after invitations were accidentally sent
Nick Lowles is the director of Hope Not Hate Lowles is clear that his organisation cannot just speak out against the far
The sacking of a bus driver for being a member of the far-right BNP was a breach of his human rights, the European Court
The fact that in the 21st century, clear discrimination is still taking place in society is nothing more than saddening.
Nick Griffin told a gay student homosexuals should "get over" the fact most heterosexual people find the sight of two men
While I support the right to free speech and feel that should be protected from the street to the World Wide Web, I believe we have no right to discriminate against anyone for any matter, especially when it can effect the discriminated and inflame stereotypes further, which only holds back the positive progression of society and humanity.
The slurs against me are actually a back-handed compliment; proof that the BNP takes me seriously and has been damaged by my criticisms - now and in years gone by. They want revenge.