Nick Henderson

It’s not too late, right? He’s come a long way from being crowned the public’s ‘winner’ on day two, hasn’t he? Jack is arguably
We’re now just days away from crowning the latest winner of ‘Big Brother’, and one of the six remaining housemates will be
Nick Henderson All four nominated contestants were told they could bid an amount of money to save themselves and put Chloe
All but one of the ‘Big Brother’ housemates will face eviction this Friday, following the last of the week's tag-team nominations
Things didn’t get any easier for ‘Big Brother’ contestant Harry Amelia, when Marc O’Neill made his surprise return to the
Six ‘Big Brother’ contestants have been told they received the most votes in this week's second round of nominations. SEE
Oh dear. ‘Big Brother’ continues on Monday night at 10pm on Channel 5. Jade Lynch Big Brother then replayed the pair’s conversation
‘Big Brother’ contestant Adjoa Mensah was not impressed to have been one her housemate, Nick Henderson’s nominations for
Adjoa finds out she's been nominated However, when it came to making his second choice, he seemed more hesitant, telling