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Some suggested Corbyn still has a lot to learn in terms of PR. Read more on The Huffington Post Jeremy Corbyn made an appearance
n law, any strike action is automatically a breach of contract. To save a strike from being unlawful - and therefore entitling the employer to sack the strikers -- a strike ballot has to be held. But, a valid ballot must follow certain precise rules, the whole point being to prevent strikes which do not have the support of the majority of the employees concerned.
It reads:  The BBC newsreader started her career on the children’s TV show The Adventure Game as a quiz-setting dragon who
'I will not engage with you in talking about our difficult debates.'
The BMA voted yesterday to stage five consecutive days of strikes later this month, running from September 12 to 16. It took
Veteran BBC journalist Nick Robinson has delivered a swift admonishment to Diane Abbott, the shadow frontbencher who complained
Nick Robinson got an unexpected introduction on Friday night's 'The One Show'. The BBC's ex-political editor, who recently
Alex Salmond is still upset. Nearly a year after the pro-independence movement lost the vote to break up the United Kingdom