nick robinson

Nick Robinson's glasses have just broken, leaving the BBC Political Editor potentially sightless as he tries to get his specs
Rule number one when appearing on TV - make sure your phone is off. The BBC's political editor Nick Robinson was left red
The media just loves the immigration debate, and Nick Robinson's programme (The Truth about immigration) is proving the perfect hook. The programme includes our most recent British Social Attitudes, finding that over 3 in 4 of us (77%) want to see a reduction in immigration.
Time will tell if Cameron's tough talk will enable him to reach his personal goals both at home and abroad, though he is playing a dangerous game. At home, this episode might serve to radically shift the social thinking and ethos of British society vis-à-vis Europe, eventually leading to an EU exit which even most Tories still do not want.
As a Muslim, I appreciated and acknowledged the need for Muslim organisations to rightly condemn the actions that took place this week but disagreed with both organisations reaffirming the need to distance Islam's true teachings from the individual who attacked the soldier.
The ten things you need to know on Wednesday 8 May 2013... 1) A MODEST SPEECH FROM HER MAJESTY From the Times: "The Queen
The one thing you need to know on Friday 3 May 2013... THE 'CLOWNS' STRIKE BACK They were mocked and dismissed as "waifs
The annual pancake day race at Westminster has been dogged by controversy after the winning team of MPs were accused of cheating
Tom Watson has launched an astonishing attack on the BBC's political editor Nick Robinson, writing that he was too busy "kissing