nicolas cage

The actor will portray the eccentric wild animal lover made famous by the Netflix documentary series.
‘Nicolas Cage is in Kazakhstan’ might not sound like the most promising of introductions, but the picture associated with
The brawl happened after the rocker allegedly assaulted an autograph-hunter
He was the star of ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ and he might want to do just that after Nicolas Cage was caught on camera fighting
Just when you thought Joffrey couldn't get any less loveable, someone gives him the faceswap treatment and all of a sudden
Further evidence that colouring in is the new going out: the Nicolas Cage activity book. Yes, if you're a fan of Nic - and
A-listers aren't just famous for their hard work and talent - they're famous for winning the genetic lottery, they're famous for being in the right place at the right time, they're famous for the privileged starts they had, that allowed them to explore and hone what talent they had and make the necessary connections to get ahead in life.
You know what this day needs? Nicolas Cage's head on Miley Cyrus's body in her 'Wrecking Ball' video. What's that you say