Not sure how to treat your beloved this Valentine's Day? Perhaps get some handy hints from our Exclusive Video clip of 'Nightcrawler
Which brings us to Nightcrawler, Jake's latest stunning performance. He plays Lou Bloom, an intense petty thief. However, he has the drive of a young man who could make it big in whatever business he chooses. And after witnessing a crash one night, the proverbial light bulb goes on over his head.
The immediate after-thought from seeing Dan Gilroy's superb debut Nightcrawler is that the media is generally capable of some pretty terrible things. Read Steve Rose's excellent history of how the media is portrayed in cinema and television and you'll find that there are plenty of films that endeavour to do the same thing.
Jake Gyllenhaal shocked on the red carpet on Monday night, as he showed off a dramatic new look. The actor revealed his new