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As most of you reading this will know, bricks and mortar retailers catering to a growing digital/e-commerce friendly demographic
Daniel has clocked up almost 13,000 Facebook fans, in excess of 4,000 Twitter followers and hundreds of thousands of YouTube hits collectively. What Daniel has done socially far outstrips the digital presence of most mainstream highly recognisable supermodels, both male and female.
Tyler Shields is often described as a young Terry Richardson. This is definitely a massive compliment, but not necessarily 100% accurate. Shields' vision is slightly more artistic and definitely a lot darker - a reflection of the fact that he is a true Millennial? Perhaps so.
Rather irritatingly dubbed as Japan's answer to Lady Gaga (name a popstar with a wig that is NOT compared to her), I wanted
This week sees the launch of This is...Circus, the exhibition to celebrate five years of the rather legendary club night
London Fashion Week has been in full force this season, and as always, there have been iconic digital advancements, for example
The Minotaur is by far the smartest and most innovative pop-up that London has seen in a while. The trend started off in 2006/7 and has never really disappeared, but brands are constantly finding ways to out-do each other.
The most talked about venue in London for 2011 has, without a doubt, been The Box. The opening of the venue was rumoured back in January on KARLISMYUNKLE and it finally launched in February with unparalleled levels of buzz, despite the fact that traditional media were denied entry to the venue.