nimrod kamer

Selfies are a pre-twerk-meme developed last year, it is a voyeuristic way of exposing one's self in different twists and crotches. It isn't a game as there are austere rules and regulations for doing one (a selfie).
I've discovered breath-choking similarity between a Curb Your Enthusiasm poster and the front page of an Egyptian magazine
The Kernel is back...Kernel has no rivals since no other tech mag tackles the facetious, devious side of the net. Gawker tried it once here but the Kernel invented it.
Functionally the thing I like most about BB is called Word Substitution. It's the ability to create your own superlengthy shortcuts. This was kept throughout Blackberrys, all the way to the new Q10 model.
Ever since I recovered from a comma, double comma, people started suggesting new phrases to me all the time, thinking I'm some sort of a dialect-oracle and meme-prophet capable of coining anything into ฿itcoins. The question is - could I really make money by just tweeting axioms and aphorisms? That's ridic. In any case I went ahead and wrote this series of state-of-the-art youthemisms to all the youngsters out there who need a bit of a turd polish.
The Jewish Monkeys are an emasculating burlesque trio led by Joseph Reich, an Israeli-Deutsch philanthropist who slept with my mum in 1984 roughly eight and a half months before my birth.
Unfollowing celebs is relieving. You can unfollow politicians, models, dèbuc*nts, socïalites, scientists and performance artists. Not only you get to deny yourself of the mental agony that is reading their tweets, you also get to mend your following-followers ratio. That's basic tweeconomics: less people you follow the more intently popular you are at home.
Many believe that Twitter is like party-planning, there's no right or wrong way to go about it. This is lie, and a ploy, made up by people like Stephen Fry and Alexa Chung who are highly followed personalities, and desperately want to keep it that way.