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After years of resistance, Nintendo has finally conceded the existence of smartphones and tablets — and has announced it
Nintendo has unveiled its new line-up of Wii U and 3DS games via a critical online presentation at E3. And it's good news
Super Mario Kart (SNES) is out now for the Wii U Virtual Console for £5.49. Reviews are not objective. So let's get this
A supremely rare Nintendo game cartridge has attracted bids of more than £3,000 inside a few hours after it went on sale
A admittedly rare Nintendo game cartridge has sold for a still-objectively insane $99,000 on eBay. When we first reported
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros for Nintendo 3DS is an RPG-platform hybrid adventure, in which the two plumbers have to fight
Nintendo will showcase the final format of its Wii U console and the software line-up, but won't reveal firm release dates
The Last Story is coming to Wii on 24 February 2012. Are you reading for emo-liscious, leather-clad, sword-wielding action