niqab ban

Give me one good reason why a woman shouldn't be allowed to cover her face in public if that's what she wants to do. You don't object to her covering her buttocks, do you, or her breasts? Do you find it offensive if a woman wears sunglasses? And anyway, what's it got to do with you?
The latest manifestation of this campaign centres on the veil, or niqab, worn by a minority of Muslim women in Britain but recently inflated to assume the status of a threat to society. It is a campaign which has drawn support from both right and left of the mainstream political spectrum and commentariat, justified on the basis of women's rights, security, and/or progress.
Pictures of women wearing the full-face veil were splashed across the front pages of national newspapers on Monday as politicians
French demonstrators protesting against the jailing of Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot have been arrested - because
Two Muslim women who defied the ban on wearing a full face veil in public have become the first to fall foul of the controversial