Former Home Secretary Jack Straw has called for new laws on the wearing of the veil in court. The Blackburn MP welcomed a
If the accusation is that the banning of the niqab goes against religious freedom, the foremost question must be whether the niqab itself has any kind of theological basis. Until now there has been no compelling evidence to suggest that it has, and this is what appears to have got lost in the debate.
A majority of Liberal Democrats support the wearing of the veil in public when it comes to Nick Clegg, a new survey shows
Pictures of women wearing the full-face veil were splashed across the front pages of national newspapers on Monday as politicians
A Muslim woman standing trial has been told she must remove her full-face veil while giving evidence, but will be allowed
Dear Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, I feel compelled to write this letter in response to your recent article in the Independent addressing the topic of veiled Muslim women. The fact that such views were given space in the Independent is disappointing enough, but that they were made out as some sort of defence of Islam (the right kind of course, "progressive Islam") is even worse.
A college's controversial ban on Muslim face veils has been reversed after an outcry involving thousands of students and
Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has reiterated the right to wear religious dress to school after a row erupted over a college's
Following the decision by a college to ban Muslim students from wearing veils, students, leaders and politicians alike are
Students have been banned from wearing religious veils to college after a principal ruled pupils' faces must be visible for