If you are one of those people who sometimes feels overwhelmed, like me, then maybe it's about tinkering with a few minor things to boost your mood and help you through a natural slump. Here are some of the things that give me a lift whenever I catch myself feeling a bit 'meh'.
So the Oxford English Dictionary's 2016 Word of the Year has been announced. Where last year the word was actually a pictogram, the 'crying laughing face emoji', this year the word is a two-word phrase: Post-Truth.
Our parenting experience is sometimes different because my partner and I, who are both legal parents to our daughter, are in a same sex-relationship. I believe that most of these differences, the important ones anyway, are positive. That's not to say that being a parent in a same-sex relationship is better than being any other kind of parent, but it does have unique elements that should be celebrated...
Don't get me wrong, I love instagram as much as the next coffee-drinking selfie-obsessed girl. But sadly, there comes a point where I have to admit my amaro-tinted glasses need to be removed, for the good of everyone.