No2BedroomTax Campaign

This victory is not down to just one campaign or one person. This victory is due to the hard work of EVERYONE who joined the fight against the bedroom tax. And for that, I will be eternally grateful.
On Tuesday 28 January, the No2BedroomTax Campaign will present our petition that calls for "the Scottish Government to make approximately £50 million available to mitigate all effects of the bedroom tax in Scotland" to the Welfare Reform Committee at the Scottish Parliament. This petition is not asking for changes in legislation but instead calls for a temporary funding measures that will protect tenants, Housing Associations and Councils in Scotland.
The Bedroom Tax was introduced in April 2013 to public outrage to a blatantly unfair policy. Tenants and activists warned of the devastation that the bedroom tax would bring; The debt, evictions and mental torment that would hit some of the most vulnerable tenants in the UK.
How does the Tory-led government tackle the housing shortage crisis? Do the listen to housing and business experts and build more homes? No, they ignored these experts. Their solution to the housing shortage crisis is to manipulate the benefits system so that tenants on a low incomes pay for the housing crisis via cuts to Housing Benefit.