Back when I signed the petition a couple of years ago, I imagined my goddaughter, who turned five last week, growing up, coming across The Sun one day and wondering why a mainstream newspaper would display a photo like that.
To paint a picture of how inequalities work both ways, in the past few years I have had countless conversations with men who want a similar opportunity as their female partner to spend time with their children but who daren't mention it to their manager.
No more sexism, that's chuffing marvellous, although I suspect what the reporter was actually saying is, yes there's no more page 3, and it was all our idea. Feminists don't go thinking you're clever, you have achieved nothing, so there's no point trying to change anything else.
Is the rising popularity of the beard a reflection of men's role in society today? Like hemlines rising with the onset of votes for women, full on masculine facial hair is making its own break for freedom and has become a 21st century fashion statement.
Like you I have people very close to me who have been affected by breast cancer, some have lost people to it and they were very sad about the way CoppaFeel and Page3 presented the message. What is more disappointing about CoppaFeel's decision is that they should know better than to collude with what Page3 promotes.
I'm a 27-year-old woman. You want to speak to me and you have. I saw your page and feel it is important to tell you what you've said to me about breast cancer.
When I asked my little brother if he thought Page 3 should be removed from The Sun, I was shocked and saddened by his uncompromising response of, "Well no, there are two sides to it; you have to respect that it's what men want". I was shocked that he knew full well the content of Page 3, and I was saddened that this misogynistic attitude was already deeply embedded.
Are you persuasive and stubborn? Do you care about things? That's probably most of us, at times. Well then, you could be a campaigner. In the UK - and it appears across the world - campaigning has gone mainstream.
So in which direction does Page Three nudge us? Let me introduce the uninitiated to a little box called 'News in Briefs'. This little box purports to be the thoughts of the girl posing that day; they are presented in erudite fashion, and contain an esoteric quotation.