Norman Lamb

He has the sincerity and integrity to appeal to a wider electorate than currently consider voting for the Liberal Democrats. I believe in his ability to offer the country a vision that we've been desperate for, for many years. Liberal Democrat members have a huge opportunity in this contest to elect an honest, caring man as their leader. I hope he stands and I hope they do.
MPs are quietly confident the social care crisis will be tackled in the upcoming Budget 2017 as a key meeting with the Prime
A former Health Minister is demanding to know why hundreds of millions set aside for children’s health care is being used
The figures have been seized upon by critics of the government's handling of the NHS.
The number of urgent NHS operations cancelled in England has reached a record high, almost double the figure reported just
Much ink has been spilt about Donald Trump's more outrageous outbursts - whether directed against women, Muslims, the disabled and many others. We must not allow such sentiments to cross the Atlantic... The response to the US election must be to defend openness however we can - at home and abroad. In our own small way, we will start on Saturday. I would urge all who share our vision for this country to join us.
A damning independent report today warns mental health care has been long-neglected and “chronically underfunded”. A taskforce
Errors and weaknesses in healthcare will inevitably happen, but there can be no reason to tolerate serious incidents on this scale - particularly those involving unexpected deaths and fatal self-harm. In government, I was determined to end the historic injustice against those suffering mental ill health. It is time for people of every stripe to pull together to complete the job.