north of england

Exclusive: "Up to 20" backbenchers could vote against Boris Johnson's new system for England, says MP Emma Lewell-Buck.
Jake Berry makes comparison despite the existence of football clubs in the south and ballet in the north.
Lord O'Neill, who was a minister in George Osborne's Treasury, urges Boris Johnson to give surplus government laptops to disadvantaged children.
String of geography failures as Whitehall forgets where Warrington is, misses out half of Lancashire, and spells Middlesbrough wrong.
Government's chaotic coronavirus response is confusing public and abandoning businesses as we head into winter, warn mayors and council chiefs.
The PM took her cabinet out of London on Monday.
In the first crushing blows of the government's austerity agenda, northern cities and boroughs were losing £150 to £200 per head in 2011, while in the south-east, the West Country and the Midlands, the cuts ranged from £50 to zero.
People living in northern England are 20% more likely to die early (under the age of 75) compared to those from the south
To make sure the creative industries in the North can reach their potential, can face up to the challenges of Brexit in terms of skills and access to markets, we need to match the region's rich seam of talent with the right opportunities to grow and develop.