North Sea oil

For the third year in a row, the Chancellor failed to mention climate change - what planet is he living on?
Politicians should know better than to presume that flogging a dead horse will get the UK's oil industry back up-and-running. If anything, by attempting to jumpstart production with public funds, we'll simply perpetuate industrial recession. That's not good business and it's not good politics. Then again, it does make for a half-decent soundbite.
It’s been four months since Prime Minister David Cameron’s new majority government came into power and there are just three
Scotland has been cited as the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy, to harvest that potential to the full, Scotland will need to remain a part of the United Kingdom. Furthermore whether independent or not, the Scottish economy must transition itself further away from fossil fuels rather than developing closer bonds with a dirty energy system. I urge the Scots to vote no to Independence on Thursday.
There could be "border guards along Hadrian's Wall" if Scotland votes for independence, a think tank has seriously suggested
We now have only 20 days before we make the biggest ever decision for Scotland. It is not one that will have an impact only this year, or for the next five years, but one that will decide the futures of our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren and many generations to come.
Alex Salmond has been accused of massively overestimating the size of the North Sea oil reserves by a major oil tycoon, in
Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling will clash tonight over Scottish independence for a two-hour lived televised debate on
Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, is basing the economics in these fossil fuels as the economic cornerstone of Scottish independence, while UK Prime Minister David Cameron is arguing that Scotland will need to stay in the UK for these resources best to be managed.
Everyone in Norway is now a krone millionaire thanks to their sovereign wealth fund soaring on the back of high oil prices