northern lights

NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts has tweeted a stunning picture of the United Kingdom from the International Space Station showing
Are we alone in the universe? What are cosmic rays? Why is it that one sugar in coffee is never enough? These are the simple
Pictures of the northern or southern lights from space are notoriously tricky - and usually faked. This isn't. This picture
Yes the lights are green, but environmental concerns should not be the only ones on our mind if we head off in search of the Northern Lights this winter. Of course, limiting our impact on the fragile Arctic landscape is important, but to truly connect with these places we need to understand, respect and help preserve the cultural traditions and the people which have shaped them.
NASA's photo of the day has to be one of the best we've seen in recent months showing what looks like a 'wormhole' opening
After all the recent hype over the northern lights, NASA announced back in June 2014 that the sun's polarity had finally flipped and we were beyond the peak of the current Solar Maximum - a period of supercharged solar activity that usually occurs every 11 years and serves as a catalyst for spectacular northern lights displays.
An enormous geomagnetic storm burst into life above the Earth on 11 and 12 September - and the result (if you could see it
NASA, or rather the Solar Dynamics Observatory has released some incredible new footage of the Sun which shows a number of
The Earth's magnetic field is weakening far quicker than scientists expected, degrading at a rate ten times faster than was
Reid Wiseman is an astronaut that, as far as we're concerned, can do no wrong. After his stunning debut with the dice in