norway attacks

The Norwegian Police Security Service have announced that they had received credible threats of terrorism against Norway within the next few days. The Security Service were very non-specific when sharing this information with the general public...
This dramatic video shows the full destructive force of the car bomb set off by Anders Breivik that killed eight people last
Survivors of the Oslo bombing carried out by right-wing extremist Anders Breivik have given harrowing evidence at his trial
Last Friday (Sept 30) marked 10 weeks since the Utøya massacre and earlier this week, the media; both Norwegian and international
a-ha, Norway's most famous and enduringly popular pop band, will reunite on 21 August to take part in a concert, part of
Norwegian police increasingly believe the man who confessed to killing 77 people in last month's attacks planned and committed
Mass killer Anders Breivik is being interrogated by police in Norway for a second time, a week after he massacred 76 people
Twelve of those named were among the 68 shot dead on Utoya, the island that was hosting a summer camp run by the youth wing
British police are investigating links between Anders Breivik and the English Defence League, a group the gunman described
Police in Norway have officially named four victims who were among the 76 who died in the twin terror attacks of July 22