Nottingham City Council

The PM will later host a press conference at Downing Street to explain how each local area will be ranked on this new system.
Councils said that a delay in funding – which was finally announced on Thursday – was behind the lack of recruiting.
“The family is understandably very proud of him, and it is reassuring and comforting to know that Nottingham City is too."
Two councils repeatedly failed to learn from mistakes – including allowing alleged perpetrators to continue fostering children.
It comes as a human rights campaign group said the measures essentially ban rough sleepers.
'The Prime Minister promised we cannot and will not ask people to live in unsafe homes.'
Theresa May was accused of breaking her post-Grenfell tragedy promises on fire safety funding today as a council has been
Government allegedly deemed sprinklers 'additional rather than essential'.
Councils have said Whitehall is refusing to meet promises to fund basic fire safety improvements like sprinklers needed after