It's a good job Forrest Reid didn't write to be famous. Almost seventy years after his death, his novels gather dust in libraries: unthumbed and unadmired. Highly thought of by friends like E.M. Forster and Walter de la Mare during his lifetime, the Ulster writer has since fallen into obscurity. Until now, that is.
Some matters are simply contentious. Sometimes you're never going to get it right. The politics of the Middle East, for example. Whether Scotland should or shouldn't become independent in 2014. Oh, and whether the term 'lady' is outmoded and derogatory or exactly what most women aspire to.
In 1995, American author David Guterson won the PEN/Faulkner Award for his incredibly popular novel, Snow Falling on Cedars
Many years ago, I had a careers chat at school. I was almost mute with fear as I sat down in front of a careers advisor. I was a shy child and always a bit wary (read: terrified) of adults, especially those in authority.
Best-selling author, journalist and self-confessed reading junkie, Dorothy Koomson, talks us through five of the books that